I want to lay in the grass with you
and let the warm sun
trace the way our hearts overlap
like how we trace the clouds
with our hands. 
We will leave an imprint on the earth,
there will be a story told of us
to coming generations 
as a lesson of what makes a true connection.
It’s the understanding
not the recognizance of patterns.
not the absorption of fulfillment. 
it’s the wave lengths moving in sync
as do ripples in a river when 
the wind glides it’s hand over it slightly.
I want to sit on a hill 
as the sky changes colors for us. 
We can sit on a plaid quilt
and sip the tea of each other’s thoughts
eat away and fill ourselves of one another’s soul
and lay into one another’s eyes until we get tired
of admiring the other’s smile from corner to corner.
A peaceful park to sit and relax is almost heaven
but being there with you to indulge in…
now that, my love, is paradise.


who holds the world in her chest.
Who filled with honesty
and sincerity. 
You, who was 
once a shadow behind a mask
who sought the world
and thought there was injustice 
in all the uncertainties. 
I am here 
to show you that things are just as beautiful 
as you dreamt of.
I am to be everything you wish for
when you lay your head to rest at night
with a stitched heart, clenched in between your fingers
underneath the separation between you and the moon,
which is the only light in the dark. 
You whisper under your breath
between your sighs and inhales
that you deserve someone who will give you the truth…
and there is much more beyond the horizon.
The sun does not just disappear when it goes away.
The light carries on and continues to shine.
That there IS someone who will un stitch your heart.
Not to cause more pain, or reopen your wounds 
but to let you know, that inside lies a rhythm 
which can soothe giants and slay beasts.
Which captures nightmares and can battle fears.
lies a rhythm that inspires you to keep strong and alive.


I’m gonna start growing some tomatoes and cucumbers as a hobby. 

cause why not? 


eternallyonfire asked: Hey! What's your league name? We should play sometime!


I play on NA. 


What is easter? Everyone is all “Yeah I’m out with my family!” and I’m just like “More time for me to play League and train”

Is something supposed to happen today? 


I don’t wish for trees to burn
I don’t long for paradise to be singed
I await for change
and I strive for difference.
We speak of the world so ill
dreaming of those moments we smile
knowing they exist so few
as if pain is our regularity
when pain is when we should smile
the most.
Life is NOT over
when you experience mere defeats 
but rather just prolonged 
so you get to experience it’s challenge longer. 
We waste so much time
caging ourselves in the rage 
and discomfort
we forget the beauty of being human
is having the ability to recognize
our own feelings.


The reflection of myself
has been bouncing around my head
like light does in a room full of mirrors.
It doesn’t let the glare dim away
the shine strikes right where you don’t want it to.
there are stains and marks covering your image
on some mirrors
more than others. 
standing in the center of it all
really warps your perception
and possibly every image you see
is the outside world
looking in.
The hardest part but the goal is
to either clean as much as you can
because ultimately, you’ll have to love
the image. 


From a quick glance.

Her hair is made of gold 
the one that matches the sands
I’ve had dreams of. 
The sands we would accompany the sun on.
The same sands that stand still
when we come together
to pinch it’s flow
and catch it from falling. 
While her eyes are the tandem of the ocean
meeting the shore to 
ensure it’s not vertigo
and I may be falling…
That it isn’t the failures
we have every time we tip and turn
or flip the clock to begin a new…
for hope….The life in each look.
Sometimes I’m left speechless 
by a person who I’ve shared
so few words with. 
Yet so valuable
though so absent. 
I watch the wind 
move the hair out her face
like it blows dust out of the street.
like there’s someone there 
to hook it behind her ear 
before they tell her she’s beautiful. 
and the look she gives me 
with the depth of the sea…
is the one I’ve searched life times for.


Usually when a poet includes a muse
when an artist paints their image
and when a bard chants of their soul.
It is because each have become
attached to the other. 
It is because
they think of them when staring at the stars for answers.


Forever burn.

You are a firestorm
and I am the sun
we burn so much a like
it’s as if we were one. 
Your soul is a flame I adorn 
forever spreading and dancing
like when the wind crashes your hair.
there may be rain that cools you down
but I’m here to singe despair. 
Your beauty is the passion
of your free spirit yearning for varied taste
yet the shadows slowly close the flame
but I’ll shine away for grace.
like tandem blazes covering skies
never still nor stagnant but know
when your flame is weak 
I’ll be the breath of fresh air
to let your fire roar and grow. 


Friday night pizza and movie anyone? 

Say whats up!


Everything we did told our story.
How we interlocked and wove our fingers
Told how we came together 
like threads sewn into a seam
to form the bond we had.
How we kissed 
yelled the secrets of our intimacy.
The way you wrapped your arms around me
as if you held on to never fall,
how you laid your head on my chest
leaving your hair sprawled
only as a disguise, for when you closed your eyes
to listen to my heart.
it was saying 
that this mattered to you. 
and when your hand drifted from mine
and when your lips grew unfamiliar
when you opened your eyes 
to look away 
and when your ears didn’t hear my heart anymore.
There was nothing left to tell.


I thought I was important I thought I had worth
I used to think the world needed me
Until I needed the world

Gimme gimme, gimme shelter
I need to rest my soul
Sinking feeling, rocks in my pockets
Feet searching for the undertow.
Gimme gimme, gimme comfortably numb
Eyes burning on the interstate.
Gimme drugs gimme booze gimme dazed and confused
Or give me death.


— Trash Talk - Gimmie death


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